Future Vision

The History of DJ JoSH

The Official opening of the “20 year celebration exhibition” was held as a part or the Sydney Mardi Gras Program at ARQ Sydney February 12, 2004. Future vision was a collection of multimedia art works by Lara Sabbadin reflecting the lifestyle and history of DJ JoSH. The exhibition was a documentary of digital reflections presented as a collection of multimedia art works, of DJ JoSH's life and lifestyle within the Australian Dance community (As seen on Channel V’s Peak Hour).

DJ Josh's music style emanates from playing to audiences spanning nationally across Australia since 1984. She started collecting 7” + 12” vinyl at the ripe age of 7 years old and grew up listening to AM radio, watching countdown and various music shows that spawned in the early 70’s. Her fascination of music started well before her teens. She is highly influenced by artists who spawned from the dance music and queer generation in the early 80's from Diva's of Italio House to Hi NRG Euro beat.

It is fitting to say its no wonder her current preferred style is "HI OCTANCE NRG DRIVEN TRANCE", "VOCAL BIG SYTHN TRANCE" with the odd Commercial Trance and Old skool flavor dropped in for good measure and memory sake (always a suprise track dropped in every set).

With European blood Josh has been addicted to the German/European trance style for many years now! Josh managed to achieve her life ambition as a DJ to play MARDI GRAS after 10 years of supplying demo’s Josh scored her first Sleaze in 1999 and went on to be major billed In another Sleaze in 2003 as well as 3 MARDI GRAS PARTIES IN 2003, 2004 & 2005.

Her goals are set now for a long term in music production which has taken off with signings to CENTRAL STATION RECORDS, Monster Germany & MIXOLOGY DIGITAL. (see MUSIC links below)

Future Vision


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